Amity - like it used to be

A stroll around the Amity foreshore, only a handful of people around, just like it used to be. At this point in time, no tourists are allowed on the island, and no camping is allowed anywhere in Queensland due to the coronavirus epidemic. Normally, at this time of year, the camping grounds, the beaches, the jetty and the swimming enclosure would be packed. Normally, the carpark would be full with 4WDs and boat trailers, there would be a line up to access the boat ramp, and there would be a constant stream of boats coming and going. Children would be playing in the playground, fishermen and jetty jumpers would be crowded around at the end of the jetty, campers would be set up and sitting on the camp chairs socializing and watching the comings and goings. But not today. The island has been shut off from tourists in order to protect our vulnerable population and stop this virus from doing its worst. Most of the island's businesses are shut down. It is a very different world from the norm at the moment. I hope you are all doing ok. Stay safe, stay strong, we will get through this. Then we will have a new kind of normal to get used to.