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Julie Sisco Photography


Snapshots of Straddie is now at the

Island Arts Gallery

9 Ballow Road

Goompi-Dunwich Q 4183

North Stradbroke Island

(up stairs, between CJ's Pizza and the Straddie Bakery)

Phone 0402 549 262

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sNAPSHOTS OF sTRADDIE NEW LOGO IDEA 2 with website - Snapshots of Straddie. Wall Art Landscape and Seascape Photography by Julie Sisco. Photos from North...

A print on your wall can evoke many responses- peace, calm, energy, motivation, retreat, even a connection with nature. If you have a favourite location that you’d like to commemorate, or if you’re trying to find just the right mix of colours for your space, contact Julie at info@juliesisco.com.au to see what she has to offer. We can even customize wall art to suit your space based on size and shape, or colour palette, and send you a mock-up of the art as it would look in your space – just send us a photo of your wall!

We are able to ship worldwide in any format - print, canvas, wood block, acrylic or metallic media, in a wide range of sizes. See a selection of our available wall art here.

An exciting new feature that we have recently collaborated upon is turning art into splashbacks for kitchens, laundry rooms or bathrooms. Imagine the joy and serenity you’ll feel when a loved landscape is part of the very design of your home!

If you see a photo in our gallery that you love and would like to use it for social media/advertising purposes, we can license our images upon request. Contact us to discuss options.

If you are a professional designer, wholesaler, local business or builder and would like to collaborate on a project, or license an image for your exclusive use, contact Julie at info@juliesisco.com.au - we’d be happy to find the perfect piece, or explore new applications for our artwork.

Straddie & You Portraits

If you’re planning to visit Straddie, you can arrange with Julie to have her capture you and your loved ones in candid moments, enjoying all that Straddie has to offer. There is nothing more special than personalized, unique photographic art where you are the star of the scene – this is the perfect way to keep Straddie in your life every day.

A-281214-0131- Adder afternoon-Edit - Snapshots of Straddie. Photographs from North Stradbroke Island, Queensland Australia. www.snapshotsofstraddie.com.au....

About Julie

Julie started her career as a wedding photographer and has since discovered great joy in capturing the stunning surroundings of her home on Straddie, and the people who come to make memories while drinking in its beauty. Snapshots of Straddie has blossomed from this passion. The many beaches, dunes, and landscapes inspire Julie daily, and continue to inspire collectors after they return home from the Island.

Julie originally hails from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia and has called nearby North Stradbroke Island – aka Straddie to locals - her home since 2000. She lives at Amity with her husband, 4 children, and her dog Bella. Julie came to love photography many years ago, after experimenting with different techniques while creating special memories of her young family. She eventually undertook formal training and has now been a professional photographer since 2010. Julie is well loved and respected in the Straddie community for her dynamic portraiture and unique perspectives from behind the lens. Today, you can find her artwork in the Island Arts Gallery in Dunwich and she is happy to meet clients in various settings for dramatic and one of a kind photography sessions.